SunSelect Produce Tour

If you come on 202 into Cummings Valley and look west you have seen the sea of white, which looks like a big lake.  That is the over-64 acres of SunSelect, a Canadian, family-run business with over 100 years of sustainable greenhouse growing experience and an unconditional commitment to delicious produce and social responsibility.   David and Kate Hutchinson have been attending TCC.  Since David is a vice president of SunSelect, he offered to give ten of us a tour.

On June 12th, David took us into the greenhouses where the tomatoes are grown first, then to see the red bell peppers.  We had so many questions that we stood for about 25 minutes beside the row of ten foot tomato plants beside us in long rows.  SunSelect has 32 of the 64 acres growing tomatoes and 32, in bell peppers.   All of the plants are grown out of shredded coconut hulls and are nourished with purified, fertilizer-infused water, dripped by computer specifications to grow beautiful and tasty tomatoes and bell peppers.

We tourists were very curious about all aspects of this SunSelect operation.  David was a patient tour guide and spent over two hours giving us the benefit of his expertise.

Thank you, David!!