Education & Spiritual Growth

Education Team 2

Steve Bacon, Joanne Beckett, Nancy Bacon, Catherine Jones, Mary Horton, Geoffrey Lohnes (kneeling) Wayne Thompson, Ron Pilling


The Education and Spiritual Growth Ministry Team works with the Pastor in creating, supervising, and providing appropriate resources for the faith formation, education, and spiritual growth of children, youth, and adults.

This year, several goals were accomplished, including the installation of a swing set in the children’s play yard.  A grand opening of the nursery and Sunday School was held at the end of March.

There is a current roster of approximately ten church members who take turns volunteering to teach/assist/substitute with Sunday School each week.  Each volunteer is trained in the “Safe Gathering” (church vetting) program.  If you are interested in helping with the Education Team, please contact the church office (661) 822-4443.