Care, Hospitality, & Growth

(Bylaws Art. VI, Sec. 4)

The Care, Hospitality, and Growth Ministry Team is responsible for the church community, providing compassionate care, fellowship/friendship, marketing, and community outreach.  They welcome visitors, assimilate members, and assist the outreach and growth of the church.  This team, led by a Team Leader, has three primary ministries:  Called to Care; Hospitality; and Growth.

  • Called to Care Ministry coordinates and supports the compassionate care ministry of the church.  They also keep in contact with those in the church’s worshiping community.  The team generally meets the first Thursday morning of each month, in the pastor’s office.
  • Hospitality Ministry supports fellowship events, such as coffee hours following worship services on Sunday, potluck dinners, receptions, and fellowship activities.

Women Who Wine (WWW) is a TCC women’s group, and women are encouraged to join us . . . even if you don’t “wine”!  The third Sunday of each month is our usual meeting date.  We meet at a winery, restaurant, or a member’s home.  It is a great way for the women of our church to connect.

  • Growth Ministry promotes the church’s image in the community, inviting people to worship, fellowship, and serve with us.  They also reach out to potential new members to make them feel welcome.